Saturday, October 2, 2010

New Beginings!

So I feel like I was buried alive! Through many failures I encounter over the last two years! The last three months things have been turning in a positive way. I was able to completely take certain feelings out of my heart. My personal spiritual relationship is slowly being restore, got a promotion at work, fix a few huge financial problems......The future never looked as bright. There are a few battle I must fight, but I know the final war is my to conquer.

Friday, January 2, 2009


We are coming up with a list of TEN simple things everyone could do to change the world. Relating to the environment, humanity, our communities. Promoting change, unity, and tolerance! So leave us your ideas!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kill them with Kindness~

Don't be a victim of situations. No matter what comes your way, always be kind to others. Its not good to be bitter and hold on to anger! Let's change the world with random acts of kindness!

Angel Reyes

Friday, December 12, 2008

Thinking for yourself

Following the trend found in the following two videos:

I have been led to write an entry about the Art of Thinking for yourself. Much of my information is rooted in various "liberal" (in the definition of the word "willing to discard traditional values) philosophies -- trying to reject ideologies as much as I can. Also a great source of thinking for yourself is:

Ok, so with all of that out of the way I have a question for you. What is controlling your life? What is driving all of your desires and ideas? Are you part of the masses that simply obeys orders because that is what you have been taught to do? Do you question anything at all, or do you simply accept it for the sake of "perserving freedom and safety" as American Politicans frequently say ( Ever heard of the American Patriot Act? Why was that ever approved, and why didn't we do anything about it? If you have never heard about it, check out the details here: Digression, done, now back to the main point...
We live in a society that is being controlled, better said enslaved, by Corporations, our Government (big brother is a perfect name for it, due to its restraints and "good will") and the "sensational" media. (I say sensational because they too are a business who worships "the almighty dollar"). And as we know the love of money -- instead of knowledge, wisdom, public interests -- taints humanity and the realm of "freedom."

Our society does not instruct us on a path of enlightenment, but rather that of corporate interests, thus why the government has a strong tie with corporations and is in fact BAILING them out of trouble they got themselves into, which at this point is in my opinion necessary to stimulate an economy which so desperately needs it. But what the hell are these companies doing with the money?! Workers are being paid crap, products are clearly overpriced, where is the surplus going to? Greed has become the death of us. As said in Ishamel, written by Daniel Quinn, We are a TAKER CIVILIZATION (though he speaks of it in the context of the environment). I see something completely wrong, something we have to change, i don't want to be CORPORATE AMERICA anymore, i want to be the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. We need to stop this corporate BS asap.

Ahh Big brother. Hidden Agendas are not hidden anymore. Milgram's experiment done after WWII ( Obedience to Authority - Clearly shows that layman (common - all of us) people adhere to authority because they believe that they are serving "the greater cause" and that things "must be this way." Governments should not be trying to regulate our personal realms, our habits, or things of the such if it does not harm others. Liberty should be the centralized focus of our existance, because from liberty and "freedom" is where individualism is born and flourishes most, contributing to the creation of new ideas, concepts, and theories. It seems that our so called choices are not choices at all. They are limiting tactics to try and get us to think in certain ways that are considered BEST for us. Who would you rather make the decision? you, or your older brother who is a complete asshole to everyone but his "friends" and even sometimes he's an asshole to them and is willing to kill to resolve conflicts. (that bastard!) Its time we decide for OURSELVES, we WAKE UP, we must be the INSURGENTS of this new generation.

And the media, don't get me started on that. There is a war going on for your mind, and they are winning right now. What you hear is part of the corporate plan, what they feel is necessary for you to hear, to feel, to believe. I wish I could just say that it is the opinions of the writers and the editors, but do they really feel this way? Or is money the underlying reason they "feel" this way. News should be information, rather than opinions, because once a view point is expressed to an "uneducated, unaware mass" they see that is that only view point and do not decide for themselves. Thus we enter into another realm of social control.

In culmination, we are being controlled by so many things and have lost track of ourselves and our own thoughts. Where have you been for so long? Find your place, your passion, your desires, and your own ideas for improve this liberty-selfthought-rejecting society. And to Corporations, Government, and the Media please return our basic freedoms and liberties back. Thanks ...

Us, the people.

Thoughts and opinions Appreciated
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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

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