Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How Real Life is 9.30.08

How real life is. Things you would expect to never happen, are the exact things that do happen. Sickness begins to overwhelm your state of mind and your whole life. it seeps into the tiny crevices that exist within all corners; digging up a hole for itself so that it never has to exit and see the light of day. Rather, it pillages your hope and dreams in the form of thoughts, decisions, actions, words, and anything else one's puny mind can understand. How real life is. That sometimes we as people do not have the will to continue living within it. So we learn to cope with our situations convincing ourselves that they will get better. It works out in our minds. That's about the only place that it does. Everywhere else ... its a disaster. Call it disaster realization. When we finally realize that things are not working out as planned, that's when we begin to act. Maybe just maybe ... when we do act... our time is finally up. So i propose we act before this little death reaches us. We must let go of the things we consider impossible and learn to understand that everything is possible. Its a radical idea on our parts. Yet, we must let go of the fear of the unknown and learn to overcome it. We must not be like the billions of people in the planet that live their lives blindly without a voice. Speak and be heard, Listen and Understand, Act and be the change.

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